Conceptions and misconceptions about the TRIZOL interphase

A recurring topic during conversations about XRNAX is how to control your background. We heavily recommend having a non-crosslinked background control and using SILAC. The reasons for this are not based on a vague intuition but are evident from the validation experiments presented in our paper. Please note that most of the effort made to reduce background is not made for scientific over-correctness but in order to see any changes in RNA-binding at all. The following ‘Interphase’ series of FAQ entries will try to clarify some misunderstandings and give a better feeling for what happens in the TRIZOL interphase. Especially if you plan to set up your own protocol including XRNAX, you might find these ideas helpful, because they can help you to avoid some common pitfalls. Note that the Figure numbering refers to the one used in the Cell manuscript and not the bioRxiv preprint.

Jakob Trendel